Friday, October 29, 2010

Balding Prince William to Marry (?)

People magazine is raising the alarm that Prince William might be planning to marry long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton - possibly as early as February! A royal wedding would certainly be HUGE news - but first I have to ask, 'What's up with the hair?'

Prince William is just 28 years old. Yet he has the hairline of a man in his late 40s. Early hair loss is more common than most people realize - overall, men have a 20-percent chance of losing their locks while in their 20s. But in the majority of cases, 20-something hair loss is limited to mild temporal recession. Prince William's case is much more severe. 

Were I in the royal family, I'd be urging the Prince to start an aggressive multi-therapy program ASAP. Rogaine and Propecia STAT. Although at this point, he's lost so much that a hair transplant will probably be needed as well (I'd recommend FUE with NeoGraft).

For someone who is so young, and will forever be in the public eye, I'd be surprised if the Prince didn't take some action down the road.