Friday, December 19, 2014

Is Hair Loss the One Thing LeBron James Can't Control?

Photo by PR Photos

The Cleveland Sun Times recently took an interesting and humorous look back at the ever changing hairline of LeBron James - from the full and thick 'do he had as a teenager to today's recessionary struggle. South Florida basketball fans might find some comfort in this article: "LeBron's Hair: A Tale of Heartbreak."

LeBron has been battling hair loss for years, which is most easily seen in the temporal point recession that has emerged in unguarded photos like this one and this one. Much of the time, he appears in public either covering his hairline with a hat or sweatband, or else the hairline appears miraculously full. More than likely the latter is due to a camouflaging agent having been used to conceal the recession for public events.

Even USA Today got into the act, asking if LeBron had undergone hair transplant surgery. However, I take issue with the paper's use of the derogatory term 'plugs' - plugs are what you got in a 1980s hair transplant, not with today's cutting-edge treatments, particularly NeoGraft FUE.

Hair loss is obviously a concern for King James, but it's clearly not beyond his ability to fix. Overall, his recession is quite manageable - all he needs to do is visit a board-certified hair restoration physician. There are a number of advanced medical treatments he can turn to which have been proven effective at restoring a full, 100% natural-looking hairline. From NeoGraft FUE to Propecia and Formula 82M, the King has options. Hopefully he'll start using them.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is Kate Middleton's Hair Worse Than Prince William's?

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During a recent visit to a homeless charity in London, Prince William raised a few eyebrows by calling out his wife's "nightmare" hair. But perhaps it was just a bit of lighthearted retaliation for her earlier joke that he should cover his ever increasing bald spot with a tuft of alpaca wool

Kate Middleton's hair is of course beyond reproach, but many people wonder - why doesn't William simply fix his bald spot?

Hair loss is a treatable condition, and it wouldn't be difficult for Prince William to significantly reduce his bald spot and prevent further hair loss if he were to visit a qualified hair restoration physician (or 'trichologist' as it's known in the UK). For the Prince, a multi-therapy treatment regimen would likely work best and could include Propecia, Formula 82M and a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant. There are other options too like Vampire PRP therapy and low level laser therapy. All of these treatments have been proven effective at treating male pattern hair loss.

At just 32 years old, Prince William is a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to losing hair, but baldness is not uncommon in a man's 30s. Given the state of his father's (Prince Charles) hairline, this type of hair loss was not unexpected - and other men who have baldness on either side of their family should consider undergoing a HairDX genetic test to determine if they are also at risk for androgenetic hair loss.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is Hair a Factor in NFL Players' Performance?

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A new study was released, which examined the correlation between NFL players' hair and their performance. If you have a minute to check it out, it's worth a read: (by West Coast Shaving).

Some findings from the report:

  • The Chicago Bears are the most bald team in the NFL, at 12.73%. Coincidentally, the Bears 
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have the most facial hair of any other team, at 98.39%.
  • Quarterbacks tend to perform better with facial hair, than without. According to the average QB rating from last year, they performed 12% better with five o'clock shadows than when clean shaven.

Of course, as a hair transplant surgeon, I'm most interested in the correlation between baldness and performance. Here's how the 'most bald' teams fared in their divisions last year:

Team:                      Baldness:           Division Ranking:

Chicago Bears           12.73%              2nd
Arizona Cardinals      10.71%              3rd
Tennessee Titans       10.53%              2nd
Pittsburgh Steelers     8.93%               2nd
Indianapolis Colts       8.82%               1st

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hairline Comeback - Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey at Interstellar Premiere (Photo by PR Photos)

Is Matthew McConaughey's hair getting better with age? 

His new film, "Interstellar," hits theaters this Friday, but what's really inspiring to me is the return of the 44-year old's hairline, which began to show signs of serious recession many years ago (check out #4 on BuzzFeed's list of male celebs who are less bald than they used to be). 

While McConaughey has never admitted to undergoing a hair transplant, he has discussed using topical treatments before. A regular routine of pharmaceutical-grade minoxidil could potentially achieve this level of results, but it's best to use a multi-therapy approach that combines topicals with finasteride, low level laser therapy, nutritional supplements or platelet-rich plasma therapy. There's no way to regain hair that's dead and gone without undergoing hair transplantation surgery, and McConaughey's frontal and temporal hairline does appear to be fuller in several areas.

McConaughey in 2005 (Photo by PR Photos)

Whatever he's doing, it's clearly working, but I strongly doubt it's all due to one all-natural topical treatment as McConaughey has claimed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

J.Lo's 'Mega Hair Volume'

Photo by PR Photos

Jennifer Lopez's voluminous hair was center stage during a recent taping of the American Idol auditions in L.A. At 45, her hair is looking better than ever, which begs the question, how does she do it?

No doubt she has a great stylist and is using top-notch products for her hair, but for those who want to go one step beyond cosmetics, consider utilizing advanced medical treatments that have been shown to enhance the volume and thickness of hair, even if that hair has already begun to thin. Treatments like Viviscal Pro, a marine-derived nutritional supplement, and low level laser therapy are both extremely effective. Viviscal helps boost the overall health of the hair follicles themselves, which tend to weaken as we age - think of it like calcium supplements to help stave off osteoporosis. And low level laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate the follicles at the cellular level, boosting cellular metabolism and resulting in increased thickness, fullness and growth in the hair strands.

Of course, cosmetic products are also helpful. A good one to keep in mind is Pantene's AgeDefy line. My clinic was involved in the early research and consumer testing of the AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment product, so I know it well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is James Franco Showing Signs of Recession?


James Franco's weird, bloody Halloween photo with Megan Fox is raising a few eyebrows, but what's most interesting to me is the 36-year old's hairline.

Franco recently shaved his head for his role in Zeroville, laying bare his hairline which appears to show some signs of recession, particularly at the temporal points. It's common for men to lose hair in their 30s, so hopefully Franco's team will get him started on preventive treatments soon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The All-Star Cast of 'Fury' is Fighting More Than Nazis

The World War II action film 'Fury' premieres this Friday, but its all-star male cast is fighting more than Nazis - they also appear to be winning the fight against hair loss! Stars Brad Pitt (50), Michael Pena (38) and Jon Bernthal (38) all have relatively strong, healthy hairlines given their respective ages, which leaves us to wonder, have they been using proactive treatments? 

Pitt, in particular, has a remarkably thick, full hairline for a man his age.

Photo by PR Photos

At 38, both Pena and Bernthal also show strong hairlines (photos by PR Photos):

Ironically, of the film's leading men, the one whose hairline draws the most concern is 28-year old Shia LaBoeuf. With expanding temporal point recession and weakness in the center of his hairline, he might be at risk for more rapid thinning down the line. This is better illustrated in Georges Biard's photo here.

Photo by PR Photos

The risk of male-pattern hair loss increases proportional to age, but so far these Hollywood stars are winning the battle.