Monday, October 18, 2010

Postpartum Hair Loss - Alicia Keys

Singer Alicia Keys recently gave birth to a baby boy - but now that she's in the postpartum phase, she could start to see some associated hair loss. 

Postpartum hair loss is relatively common - but don't worry, it isn't permanent. The medical community believes it could be triggered by the hormonal fluctuations that occur during this period. While pregnant, women see a surge in their estrogen and progesterone levels (which is why women have such great hair when pregnant) - and after the baby is born, these levels return to the pre-pregnancy level. It is this sudden drop-off in hormone levels that causes the hair follicles to go into short-term shock.

As a result, shedding is quite common in the weeks following the delivery.

Alicia Keys may not experience postpartum hair loss - but if she does, I hope her doctors will tell her not to worry. Postpartum hair loss is normal, temporary, and shouldn't be a problem.