Friday, November 19, 2010

Prince William - Royal Family's Hair Loss History

I recently found a great article from the U.K. Daily Mail newspaper, dating back to August of 2005, on the British royal family's hair loss history. 

From the 2005 Daily Mail article:

Prince Charles was 28 when he was first identified as suffering hair loss.
Princess Diana's father Earl Spencer was also thin on top - meaning the genetic odds appear to be stacked against Prince William keeping his hair. In fact, William's bald spot first became apparent at the age of only 20.
Prince Charles's father Prince Philip was 37 when he started to reveal that his hair was going the same way as that of his father, Prince Andrew of Greece.
And Charles's brother Prince Edward was just 21 when the world was alerted to his 'male pattern baldness'.

Read the full article here

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