Friday, December 31, 2010

Did Gordon Ramsay Get an FUE?

The British press is reporting that Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay underwent an FUE (follicular-unit extraction) hair transplant at a California hair loss clinic in late December. 

If it's true, then I applaud Mr. Ramsay for opting for the most advanced hair restoration surgery currently available. One of the main benefits of an FUE, as opposed to a traditional linear strip harvest micrograft transplant, is that there is no long linear incision at the back of the head. Instead, small groupings of follicles are extracted one at a time - and the result is no linear scar. 

My preference is to perform the FUE with the NeoGraft device, as it allows for a shorter treatment time. It's also completely free of scalpels and stitches.

Read the news coverage here:

- The Telegraph