Monday, December 6, 2010

John Mayer Has Perfect Hair, Right? Wrong.

Singer and serial-dater John Mayer seems like a guy who has everything. But after looking at some past photos of the Mayer, when he shaved his head back in 2008, I noticed something surprising. 

John Mayer's follicles are shrinking.

The guy has great hair texture, thickness and curls which make it seem exceptionally dense. 

There is an interesting thinning pattern in the deep temporal regions and the crown. He's only 33, so expect this to become more apparent in the next five years.

My guess: by 2015, he will have pronounced recession in the temporal points. The crown may also have some thinning too, but I suspect he'll use Propecia or Rogaine before it shows. He should probably start on both now, however, in order to be truly effective.