Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sal Alosi Faces Suspension and Hair Loss

NY Jets coach Sal Alosi has been suspended for the remainder of the season after he was caught tripping a Miami Dolphins player during Sunday's game. Yesterday, during his public apology, it became apparent that in addition to heavy media scrutiny for his behavior, Sal is also facing hair loss.

From the photos you can see he is suffering from deep temporal recession, which he has attempted to "hide" by shaving his head. Considering he spends most of his time in a hat on the sidelines, this no-fuss style probably suits him.

But now that he is going to be spending some time off the field, he might want to consider other alternatives. For example, a regimen of Propecia and Rogaine could help keep what hair he has, while Low Level Laser Therapy could help improve the quality and thickness of his other hair follicles. 

However, if Sal really wants to make the most of his time off, he may want to look into a minimally invasive FUE transplant with NeoGraft.