Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tom Brady Hair Transplant Rumor

The National Enquirer started rumors earlier this week that Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady was seen at a hair restoration clinic in New England. Problem is, they're just unconfirmed rumors. 

But does Tom Brady really need a hair transplant?

From previous photos, it's clear he does have noticeable recession in the temporal regions - and he might also have light thinning in the crown. NeoGraft FUE wouldn't be a bad idea - combined with a preventative treatment like Propecia. ... Not to mention, NeoGraft doesn't require stitches after the surgery. So athletes can get back to the gym after three days.

It's my guess that, rumor or no, he will be getting hair restoration work soon. From the recent photo below, it's easy to tell that he cherishes his locks.