Monday, January 17, 2011

Gavin Rossdale Rocks Receding Hairline

Rocker Gavin Rossdale is known for his trendy style and is usually seen around town wearing the latest fashions. But his newest accessory, a receding hairline, isn't what most would consider fashionable.

From recent photos, when he pulls his hair back, it looks like Gavin, 45, is a Norwood Class III, due to the considerable recession in the corner areas. The Class III pattern can be a sign of early balding, and in some cases, worthy of a transplant.

I would suggest a preventative treatment like Propecia to stop further recession. But for optimal results, Gavin may want to consider a NeoGraft FUE transplant. The FUE is a popular choice among those in the entertainment industry as there is no scarring and no stitches.