Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tiger Woods Rebuilding Game and Image

Photo by PR Photos

Tiger Woods' top priority is his golf game - and rightfully so - but the star is also hoping to make a personal comeback in 2011. The golf pro, 35, is no doubt coming off a stressful year and it shows in his hair.

Like many men his age, Tiger is seeing deep recession is the temporal region as well as a growing bald spot. 

   Tiger might want to consider a minimally invasive hair transplant with NeoGraft FUE. The procedure is ideal for athletes as it avoids having stitches in their donor area and calls for minimal recovery, usually three days, so it wouldn't disrupt his golf game. 

While it might take a while for Tiger to fully get his swing back, a new 'do' might be just what he needs to help rebuild his confidence off the green.