Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Travolta Debuts Balding Head

Speculation about his hairline has followed John Travolta for years. Many, myself included, have noted his ever-changing, unnatural hairline as evidence that he is wearing a weave or hair plugs.

But on a recent vacation with his family, John can be seen enjoying some rest and relaxation sans his hair piece, revealing a balding head.

No word yet on whether Travolta is going to embrace his baldness and age naturally - but considering his status as an A-list actor, I doubt it.

However, there are many options available, including the NeoGraft FUE hair transplant, if John wants to invest in a more natural look.

NeoGraft is a popular choice among actors, athletes and those looking for discreet treatment options. With the right planning and careful execution, the procedure can be completely clandestine, which is a huge advantage over previous transplant procedures.