Tuesday, March 22, 2011

James Nesbitt: 'Hair Transplant Changed My Life'

During a recent interview, James Nesbitt described his hair transplant as having "changed" his life. 

The actor underwent two operations in December at a Dublin clinic where they removed healthy hair follicles from the back of his head to the scalp. 

Nesbitt is a great example of the power of hair transplantation to create a younger, thicker, fuller hairline. The post-surgical results are really dramatic for him. A full hairline is really important for "framing" the face and preventing the appearance of premature aging.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday, Nesbitt credited the delicate operation with helping him survive in a profession where youth and good looks are highly sought after. 

"It changed my life," he claimed.

NeoGraft FUE has made hair transplantation easier than ever and a viable option for many men and women. 

Today's technology means that hair loss is no longer inevitable...it's optional!