Friday, April 8, 2011

Bauman Medical Group Selected for Fortune 500 Clinical Study

Dr. Alan Bauman and Bauman Medical Group have been retained by a Fortune 500 global consumer products company to conduct a consumer research study/clinical trial for a new product created specifically to provide “thicker, richer, fuller looking hair.”

The study, which is geared toward women between the ages of 35 and 65 who are noticing that their hair is “thinning, limp and lifeless,” is designed to obtain consumer feedback on the new product.
The first of its kind, the ‘over-the-counter product is specifically targeted for the estimated 40 million American women with hair loss and perhaps an even larger audience of women who simply want to enhance the thickness of their hair. 

Why Hair Becomes Thinner as We Age
“It’s a scientific and medical fact,” says Dr. Alan Bauman, one of the nation’s leading experts on hair loss and Medical Director of the internationally recognized hair restoration facility, Bauman Medical Group, “that as people age their hair becomes thinner.” According to Dr. Bauman, “part of this is due to decreased density of hair, but the other aspect of this is research that shows that around the age of 40, a women’s hair also starts to grow finer as time passes.” Says Bauman, “It’s this finer hair that makes your hair look and feel thinner, whether you experience a significant loss of hair density or not.” 

Signs that your hair is thinning include the following
Excessive hair shedding, increasing amounts of hair in your hair brush, more hair in and around your sink or areas where you prepare your hair for washing, blowing, treatments, etc., increased and more frequent hair breakage, easier to see your scalp, widening part-line, a receding hairline, a thinner ponytail, etc.

This is a free consumer trial and approved participants will be provided with the product for three months, and their results will be tracked over a 12-week period.

The new treatment is an easy to use pump-spray, leave-in product that is applied once a day to wet or dry hair. The light formula is quick drying, vitamin-enriched and suitable for color treated hair. According to the Fortune 500 developer, benefits of the new product include:

·      Penetrates existing individual hair strands and thickens them to counteract the appearance of thinning hair
·      Gives hair natural looking fullness that lasts
·      Provides more texture for increased control
·      Makes hair easier to manage
·      Vitamin enriched

To learn more about the trial see the various PDF documents and listen to the promotional radio commercials, visit: or call 1-877-BAUMAN-9.