Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latisse for Hair Loss

There is new hope for men and women faced with thinning hair, Latisse, the same drug that has been proven effective in growing thicker, longer, darker eyelashes.

Latisse is already FDA approved to grow eyelashes, but Allergan recently began Phase 1 clinical trials to use it on male and female pattern hair loss as well. If it succeeds, it will be only the second topical treatment to receive FDA approval for hair loss (the other is Rogaine).

Last year I began prescribing Latisse for off-label use on the scalp - and have already begun seeing some promising results. Latisse isn't going to regrow hair on a bald scalp but it can help tool in preventing hair loss.

For more on Latisse for hair loss, check out my recent segment on Good Morning America: