Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dr. Bauman Performs First "Ouchless" Hair Transplant

Dr. Alan J. Bauman recently performed the world's first "ouchless" hair transplant. The procedure was performed using a new 'ouchless' injection needle that just became available. The needle works by spraying a cooling stream onto the skin, which takes the sting out of the injection.  

The "ouchless" transplant was successful and shows great promise in the field of hair restoration, and offers new hope to patients who have a fear of needles. 

 For more information on the ouchless needle, click here: http://www.ouchlessneedle.com/ouchless.php, or watch a clip from Dr. Bauman's interview with WPLG Miami at http://www.local10.com/health/28871768/detail.html.