Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Research Links Divorce to Hair Loss in Women

If divorce wasn't already hard enough, a new study suggests it can also trigger hair loss in women. The research found that, genetics aside, marital status is the next strongest predictor of midline hair loss in women, noting that the loss of a spouse (through either divorce or death) raises the risk for thinning hair above that of married or single women. But marital status isn't the only influencing lifestyle factor the research uncovered, sun exposure, excessive drinking and/or smoking also appear to raise the risk of hair loss in women. 

The study, which examined 84 female identical twins, found those who were divorced or widowed exhibited more hair loss than married women. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption led to higher levels of female hair loss along the front of the head. Heavy smoking was a significant contributor to female hair loss in the temple area. However, women who drank moderately - two alcoholic beverages a week - experienced significantly less temporal hair loss than their twin. 

The research was presented recently at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual conference. 

While these findings may seen surprising to some, it confirms what experts already know, that stress and other lifestyle choices can impact how and when we lose our hair. 

More than half of women over 40 will experience hair loss, but thanks to medical advances and new technology, hair loss is now a treatable condition. There are special treatments available for women, such as FDA-approved Rogaine For Women, vitamin supplements, such as Viviscal, Low Level Laser Therapy, micro-surgical hair transplants and even Latisse, the celebrity eyelash drug.

The bottom line is, hair loss can be treated - but early detection is key for optimal results, so if you have questions or concerns, don't wait to call a board-certified hair restoration physician.