Monday, October 24, 2011

Did Stress Cause Tyra Banks to Lose Her Hair?

Tyra Banks, who recently released a new book, told the Wall Street Journal that the experience was so stressful it caused some of her hair to fall out.

While Tyra was quoted saying she "got a little alopecia" from the writing, what she was referring to was temporary hair loss known as telogen effluvium. Alopecia is a generic term that usually describes androgenetic alopecia, or more commonly, male/female pattern hair loss, a more serious condition that requires medical treatment. Alopecia can also refer to alopecia areata/universalis/totalis, which are also immune disorders to which there is no treatment yet.

Stress alone doesn't cause permanent hair loss, but it commonly contributes to temporary hair loss in both men and women. When the body goes into a state of shock, from for example extreme stress, the hair goes into a resting state of the hair growth cycle prematurely, resulting in sudden hair loss. This type of hair loss is often triggered by extreme stress associated with pregnancy, death of a loved one, surgery, serious illness or, according to a recent study, divorce.

The good news is, this type of hair loss can usually be reversed by reducing your stress. However if you want to speed up the hair recovery process, you may also want to consider a regimen of Low Level Laser Therapy and a vitamin supplement like Viviscal to help stimulate healthy hair growth.