Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Survey: Hair Loss Impacts Every Part of Life

A recent survey from HairLoss.com, found that losing one’s hair affects virtually every part of life, from social and work life, to dating and family life. Both men and women reported that hair loss has negatively affected their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Survey Findings: 
  • 90 percent of those who suffer from a chronic hair loss condition reported that they think about their hair loss "all the time," as opposed to "sometimes" or "not much."
  • 90 percent of respondents reported that hair loss has affected their social life.
  • 80 percent said their work and dating lives have been affected. 
  • Just under 80 percent reported that their home lives and intimacy have been affected for the worst. 
While hair loss can do doubt be a painful process for both men and women, there is a silver lining, the science of hair loss is advancing at an amazing rate - and promising new treatments are  being developed each year. The important thing for people to realize is, that because of these medical advances, hair loss is no longer mandatory - it’s optional! By following a multi-therapy approach, patients today can stop the progression of hair loss - or prevent it altogether. 

The bottom line is, hair loss can be treated - but early detection is key for optimal results, so if you have questions or concerns, don't wait to call a board-certified hair restoration physician.