Friday, November 4, 2011

What is the Story With Joey Lawrence's Hairline?

Joey Lawrence's hairline has caused much speculation over the years. After years of sporting a bald head, it appears the 35-year old is ready to start growing his hair out. Despite those who say otherwise, Joey appears to have underwent a hair transplant. When you look at his hairline up close, you can see that it is sparse and "grafty," telling signs of a transplant. But he is fortunate that it doesn't appear "pluggy." 

Another red flag is the frontal peak and straight lines of his hairline, which look unnatural. Hopefully he plans to remedy this later with micrografts that can fill in the hairline and help create a more natural looking appearance. 

While his hairline is telling, the major giveaway is the lack of temporal points and the bizarre hair directions you can see in the frontal 1/4 inch that do not follow or match the hair behind. Grafts were placed perpendicularly to the skin and low density. 

It appears that he, like many stars and athletes today, decided on a transplant using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the procedure is favored by many to the traditional strip harvesting. This less invasive approach means that no scalpels, sutures, or staples are used in the donor area and it leaves absolutely no linear scar, so short haircuts, like those worn by Lawrence are still possible.