Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recession Alert: Chris Klein

Actor Chris Klein's receding hairline was probably as asset on his latest installment of the American Pie movies, as his character was intended to look older and different than he did in high school. But I'm guessing in real life, he'd like to slow down the recession.

Klein's hairline began seeing recession in the corners years ago, but recently, you can see that he is seeing considerable recession across his entire hairline. At 33, it may seem early for this type of hair loss, but in reality, up to 30 percent of  men in their 30s see some degree of hair loss, with the number increasing to 40 percent as they enter their 40s.

I would suggest a preventative treatment like Propecia to stop further recession. But for optimal results, Klein may want to consider a NeoGraft FUE transplant. The FUE is a popular choice among those in the entertainment industry as there is no scarring and no stitches.