Thursday, May 3, 2012

Is Captain America Fighting Hair Loss?

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America on the big screen, recently told E! News that he has started losing his hair! 

The 30-year old actor admitted showing signs of male pattern baldness, saying he was worried about what fans might say about a balding Captain American in future installments of the film series. He was quoted saying, “The fear is this role can span 10 years so I can be doing this character until I’m 40. Captain America is supposed to be like this superior human being. He can’t be balding.”

But there is good news. Today, you don't need super powers to fight hair loss. Chris might want to consider a proactive hair regimen of FDA-approved Propecia or Rogaine, which could help him slow down and possibly prevent future hair loss. Early detection and treatment are some of the most effective tools is fighting hair loss, and since his hair loss appears to be in the early stages, he has a great shot at winning the battle!