Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recession Alert: Bobby Flay

"Photo by PR Photos"

Food Network star Bobby Flay appears to be losing the "throwdown" with hair loss! 

Flay, 47, like many men his age, is seeing recession in his temporal region. This isn't uncommon, in fact, 40 percent of men in their 40s have some signs of hair loss, with the risk going up to 50 percent for men in their 50s. 

The good news for Flay is, while his hairline is maturing, typical of an adult hairline, he is fortunate to have an otherwise full head of hair. But since he enjoys his time in the spotlight, he may want to consider a proactive hair regimen of FDA-approved Propecia or Rogaine, which could help him avoid any further recession. Low level laser therapy is another popular option for those looking to stimulate healthy hair growth.  

More celebrities are investing in hair restoration than ever before, as new technology and non-invasive procedures are selling points for many looking to enhance their looks discreetly. 

To read more about male baldness and common causes of hair loss, check out my recent interview with Huffington Post Canada, here