Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Live Hair Transplant Event: Wed., July 11

Next Wednesday, education will meet entertainment as we give consumers unique access to a typically private event, by inviting them to become active participants in the surgical process. 

West Palm Beach’s Wild 95.5 radio personality and host Kevin Rolston, will be taking his listeners through the personal drama of his well-known hair loss problem with a live hair transplant procedure that will be broadcasted live from our operating room.

The hair transplant event will be live streaming to a global audience on www.thebaldtruth.com, www.gfqlive.tv, www.livestream.com and www.stitcher.com radio website. Watch for updates on Rolston’s hair transplant blog page and ask us live questions on Twitter @DrAlanBauman using #livehairtransplant.

To learn more, read our full press release here