Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomorrow: "HAIR on the AIR" Radio and TV Talk Show Taping

Since nearly 75,000 global viewers tuned in last month to watch his live hair transplant, Kevin Rolston has become Palm Beach County's most famous hair loss patient. Now, the lead on-air personality of WILD 95.5’s "Kevin, Virginia, Jason" morning show, and I are reteaming for a first-of-its-kind media event, and offering the public a chance to get to meet Kevin in his first public reveal since meeting me  in the surgical operatory on July 11th, where Kevin was initiated into our "Follicle Fan Club."
During the rare, one-time only taping, Kevin and I, will walk, talk and laugh their way through Kevin’s hair transplant procedure, and reveal for the first time, to both a live Internet audience and radio listeners, what it was like to undergo the advanced hair transplant procedure and how his hairline will change! In addition to unveiling of Kevin’s post-op hairline, they’ll show clips from the procedure, take questions from the live studio audience and talk with listeners about Kevin’s public journey with hair loss.
“HAIR on the AIR” will also include a Q&A where we will dish on the latest breakthroughs in research, treatments and advanced new technology like the NeoGraft FUE hair transplant process that have made hair loss an easily treatable condition! Former patients will also be on hand to discuss their own experiences with hair loss and treatment.
  • Event Details: “HAIR on the AIR!” takes place on Wednesday, August 22nd, filming beginning at 7:00pm EDT sharp. Admission to the studio will begin at 5:30pm for all invited guests, contest winners and other participants. The show will also be taped for later rebroadcasting on South Florida FM radio and TV stations. Complimentary food and soft drinks will be served from 5:30 to 6:30pm, courtesy of food sponsors. Those who attend the show will be able to ask questions of all the panelists and meet with them personally after the show, and receive free information on hair loss treatments from the Bauman Medical Group team.
  • Station Address: Clear Channel Radio's  studio is located at 3071 Continental Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, (located 1/4 mile east of I-95 on 45th St.) Guests are asked to enter at the rear gate.
  • How to Participate: If you want to be part of this unique, live streamed radio and TV event at Clear Channel Studios, you can enter to win a seat at the event by visiting http://www.kevinshair.com. Only 50 listeners will be granted VIP access to this exclusive event, so those interested should register as soon as possible.
  • Where to Watch/Listen: If you don’t get a seat for the event itself, you are still able to tune-in. Starting at 7pm; ‘HAIR on the AIR!’ will be streaming live on KVJ Show’s Ustream channel. The taping will also be played on various Clear Channel Radio Stations, as part of a campaign to raise awareness on hair loss and restoration.
  • Social Media Components: The studio will be wired, moderated and monitored for our "Tweet-Hearts" and "Follicle-Followers," where those not fortunate enough to be in the studio can ask questions and participate in the show. Questions can be sent in advance of tomorrow's event via Twitter to @DrAlanBauman. You can also watch for updates on Rolston’s hair transplant blog page or visit the event’s page on Facebook.

 To learn more about Kevin’s hair transplant, and the “HAIR on the AIR!” event, visit http://www.kevinshair.com.