Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hair Loss for Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence April 20th (photo by PR Photos)

The Daily Star's Jessica Brown recently reported on a rumor that Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, 22, might be losing her hair - due to overzealous chemical treatments and extensions. Read it here.

Is this true? It's certainly possible. I routinely warn patients about hair extensions as these can damage the follicles and lead to a type of hair loss called 'traction alopecia.' Chemical treatments can also cause severe damage, leading to significant breakage and hair fallout.

Given her young age, Lawrence's hair probably isn't in that bad of shape - although it's hard to tell without being able to examine her follicles and strands. I would strongly encourage her to avoid hair extensions as much as possible - and to reduce the chemical treatments too. As a Hollywood actress, however, it's probably hard to eliminate the latter altogether. To help her hair, she should start using protective shampoos/conditioners that can help boost the quality of these strands - like Pantene's new AgeDefy line. It would also be wise to get started on Viviscal and low level therapy.

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