Monday, June 24, 2013

Broncos' Wes Welker Discusses Hair Transplant

Photo by PR Photos

Denver Broncos' wide receiver Wes Welker is proud of his new head of hair - and he wants to tell you about it! The athlete has given a number of media interviews lately to discuss his recent hair transplant procedure and how happy he is with the results. 

Welker joins athletes like Wayne Rooney who have decided to publicly address their decision to undergo a hair transplant, he was quoted in a recent interview saying, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you want to have hair, have hair. I don’t like to sit there and say ‘What are you talking about? I never got my hair done. People can notice it without wondering.”
Welker's transplant procedure was performed last year, and from the before-and-after photos, you can see how successful the procedure was. 
His openness to discuss his own procedure has prompted some reporters from asking him about the rumored transplant undergone by his former teammate Tom Brady - Welker politely declined to comment. To read more about how Tom Brady could have had a "secret" hair transplant, click here

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