Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wayne Rooney's Hair Transplant - Is Getting Two Normal?

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English footballer Wayne Rooney, 27, underwent a second hair transplant procedure recently, according to The Daily Mail. Many are wondering why he had to get another transplant, after the first procedure in 2011. Did something go wrong?

It's actually not uncommon to need more than one hair transplan in order to achieve the patient's coverage goals. In fact, you have a higher likelihood for needing additional transplants if you're ...

  • Under the age of 40
  • Wear a short haircut
  • Have dark hair and light skin
  • Have straight hair
  • Recipient scalp is completely bare 
  • Not compliant with preventative treatments (resulting in progressive loss of non-transplanted hair)

Celebrities and politicians are also more likely to undergo multiple transplants due to higher expectations and more youthful-looking goals.

It can take a full year to see the final results from a hair transplant. Patients often wait until the full results are in before deciding whether or not to undergo a secondary procedure - as in the case of Rooney. However, some patients get started earlier - such as at six months out when 50 percent of the results are visible. Technically, you could harvest the donor follicles as early as six weeks post-op, but that's rare unless the doctor is transplanting to a new recipient area of the scalp.


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Anonymous said...

Hi doctor, when you say 50% of her results are visible after 6 months, do you mean half of the grafts have surfaced or half of the density has been achieved?