Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jon Cryer Admits Hair is Fake

Photo by PR Photos

'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer appeared on Conan O'Brien this week and made a hair loss confession - his character's hair on the hit show is fake!

What was perhaps most surprising about the revelation was how Jon is choosing to address his hair loss, telling Conan: "This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of, like, four hairs. It's amazing, actually, what they can do. I'm not wearing a piece or anything like that, but it's a long, involved process that starts with stuff like shoe polish."

While the actor was able to make jokes about his hair loss and his 'fake mane,' for many, hair loss is no laughing matter. But luckily, for most people, hair loss can be a treatable condition.

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to take a proactive approach to managing any signs of hair loss or thinning. Early detection is one of the most effective tools we have in treating thinning. It is important to consult with a board-certified hair restoration physician— who can evaluate, measure and manage your hair loss issues and find the right treatment for you.

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