Monday, December 2, 2013

Has Rihanna's Over-Styling Caught Up With Her?

Photo by PR Photos

According to new reports, Rihanna is the latest hair chameleon to have her over-styling habits catch up to her. 

Rihanna, like many other celebrities, are constantly reinventing their look through dramatic hairstyles, and while this may be a sign of self expression for the star, it can have damaging, and potentially long-lasting effects on your hair follicles.

Chronically tight braids, weaves and extensions put excessive tension on the hair follicles under the skin by pulling on the hair fibers. Over the long-term, this type of hair styling can cause traction alopecia a condition that permanently weakens or destroys hair follicles. 

My advice is to avoid hairstyles, wigs, weaves or hair extensions that pull on the follicles or with time; you’ll have nothing left to attach the artificial hair to. Remember, once your follicles are permanently damaged in this way, the only real option is to have a hair transplant 

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