Monday, December 9, 2013

Joey Fatone Undergoes Hair Transplant

Photo by PR Photos

Former N'Sync star Joey Fatone is opening up about his recent struggle with premature hair loss, and his decision to undergo a hair transplant. 

Fatone, 36, was reported saying the surgery itself was a little "intimidating," but he was just happy he had options to treat his hair loss. In fact, he is so happy with his decision that he has agreed to become the new poster child for Bosley clinic. 

It's unclear why Fatone would have opted for this older linear hair transplant method - when a more advanced procedure known as NeoGraft FUE (no scalpel/no stitch) is now widely available and doesn't leave a linear scar, since the follicular units are harvested individually. UK footballer Wayne Rooney made his FUE-style hair transplant famous by tweeting out his post-op pictures. Today, a growing number of celebrities are embracing the new technology available to discreetly treat their hair loss.

Good for him for taking advantage of today's treatment options and speaking up and informing the public on the positive impact his procedure has had on his confidence. Celebrity endorsements are becoming an important tool in breaking the stigma associated with hair loss.   

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