Friday, January 17, 2014

Will Oscars Cost Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto Their Hair?

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Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto received Oscar nominations for their roles in The Dallas Buyers Club this week. Both stars went through a physical transformation during filming, McConaughey lost nearly 50 lbs. and Leto reportedly dropped 30 lbs. for their respective roles. 

Their dedication to their characters may earn them both Oscars next month, but the extreme diets that helped them lose the weight can have damaging, and sometimes long-lasting effects on our health, including the health of our hair. What many men and women don’t realize is, these “crash” diets can cause major shedding due to the steep drop in nutrients in the body. Which is why each year starting in February, we tend to see an influx of new patients concerned about sudden hair loss resulting from New Year-inspired crash diets. 

About Crash Diets & Hair Loss: 

  • ‘Crash dieting’ isn’t just bad for the body, it can also lead to temporary hair loss.
  • Four to six weeks after the start of a crash diet, major shedding occurs throughout the crown of the head. 
  • Steep drop in nutrients to the body forces some hair follicles to shed their hair strands and go into a prolonged resting phase during which time no new hairs are grown. 
  • When your body thinks it’s starving, it doesn't make 'luxury' items like hair.
  • Condition is usually temporary, but it can still take six to 10 months for the hair to return back to normal.
  • Caloric, iron and protein deficiencies are among the most common nutritional triggers for unhealthy hair. 
  • Vitamins, especially B, are important to the overall health of your hair and preventing hair loss and thinning.

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