Friday, March 14, 2014

A Look at Howard Stern's Hair

Photo by PR Photos

In past interviews, when shock jock Howard Stern was asked if he wears a wig, he has professed: "The hair is real, and I don't color it." While many find this statement hard to believe, he has always insisted that despite seeing his dad suffer from hair loss, he has been able to maintain a luscious head of hair. While it is uncommon for men at his age, 60, to have a full set of dark locks, it is possible. 

If it is truly his hair, my guess would be that he has been using some type of preventative treatment, like FDA-approved Propecia, for years. An occasional dose of low-level therapy might also do wonders for keeping his curly tresses healthy. 

I talked with Howard earlier this week, and we discussed everything from the recent rise in beard transplants to the controversy surrounding his hair. Listen the interview, here

So for now, the wig debate continues, but in my experience, hair doesn't look that good without some type of medical assistance. I've enjoyed hearing from listeners of the segment, keep your comments coming! 

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Anonymous said...

Howard has built in lie protectors ready at the go in case his wig fraud is ever uncovered.