Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence's Awkward Hair Phase

Photo by PR Photos 

Jennifer Lawrence shocked her fans last fall by debuting a chic pixie cut, but it appears she is ready for a change, as she was spotted around town sporting an awkward length bob. Most women are all too familiar with the awkward hair phase, but if Jennifer wants to escape this stage fast, there are ways she can stimulate healthy hair growth. 

1) Jennifer should be eating a diet filled with healthy hair foods, such as red meat, fish, berries, pomegranate juice, beans, artichokes and nuts. If you can stomach it, liver is one of the best foods for your hair. Iron, zinc, biotin, selenium and B-12 and key vitamins for healthy hair growth.
2) Low level laser therapy is a great way to stimulate growth and thickness in the hair. There are several hand-held “laser brushes” available on the market, and even a "LaserCap" that allows you to give your hair a boost wherever you are! 
3) Nutritional supplements like the fish-protein based Viviscal Pro, and pharmaceutical-grade biotin, along with prostaglandin analogs can all boost the vitality of your hair.

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