Friday, April 4, 2014

Vincent's Kartheiser's Unfortunate Hairline

While many fans are sad to know that the cast of Mad Men is wrapping up filming on the final season, but cast member Vincent Kartheiser probably has at least one good reason to look forward to giving up the role of Pete Campbell - his hairline! 

The actor, 34, has had to shave his hairline to help his character age, and when asked recently about the prospect of getting his hairline back, he simply replied, "It doesn't bother me, one way or the other." And quickly clarified that his real hairline isn't receding, at least not yet! "Most of my friends were like, 'Dude, don't do that, it might never come back in!' But luckily I have a good head of hair."

While 34 might seem young to experience hair loss, 30 percent of men will face some degree of hair loss in the 30s, and the risk increases as they age. Now that Vincent has had a chance to live with a receding hairline, hopefully it inspires him to take good care of his hair and start preventative treatments early! 

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