Monday, May 19, 2014

This Thursday on 'The Doctors' - "Laser and Light Extravaganza"

This Thursday, I'll be discussing the benefits of low level laser therapy with the Emmy-award winning talk show, 'The Doctors,' as part of their "Laser and Light Extravaganza!"

Over the past decade or so, doctors have begun to see lasers in a new light, specifically, hair restoration physicians. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) was once viewed with skepticism, but is now one of the key tools used to treat hair loss. 

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in laser therapy is the LaserCap, the “hands-free” device offers the power of a clinical laser therapy unit in a cordless, rechargeable, discreet treatment device that literally ‘fits under your hat’ for non-chemical, non-invasive, pain-free treatment almost anywhere, anytime. The LaserCap is unique among the other popular at-home low level laser therapy devices because it doesn't require the patient to stand in front of a mirror for 10-15 minutes, manually 'combing' the area, as with hand-held laser combs, instead, hair loss sufferers can discreetly treat their hair loss or thinning.

Tune in Thursday to see a demo of the LaserCap and other laser devices! 

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