Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Recession Alert - Adrien Brody

Photo by PR Photos

Over the past few years, I've identified a number of Hollywood stars who appear to be losing their hair - a section referred to here as the "Recession Alert." The goal with this running list of celebs is to raise awareness about the ubiquitous nature of male- and female-pattern hair loss - which affects everyone, even Hollywood stars.

The latest addition to the Recession Alert is Adrien Brody, who stars in "Third Person," which hits theaters on July 11th. While most of the photographs of Mr. Brody show what appears to be a full head of hair, in reality the 41-year old actor shows clear signs that he's in the early stages of hair loss. 

To see Brody's receding hairline, click on these photos: closeup showing recession in the temporal points and general thinning; thinning hairline.

Hair loss is common when a man is in his 40s; in fact, a simple way to remember the elevated risk of hair loss with age is to think of it this way - 40% of men in their 40s will experience it, 50% in their 50s, and so on. 

Although Brody's hair loss does not appear to be significant, it should be expected to accelerate over the next few years unless he takes preventive measures now. This proactive regimen could include: finasteride, propecia, low level laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and nutritional supplements like Viviscal.

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