Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Reminder About the Dangers of Hair Extensions - Kim Kardashian Edition

Photo by PR Photos

I've long warned about the dangers of hair extensions to women's hair lines, and a new report on Kim Kardashian illustrates the risk. According to these photos published on, Kim appears to be showing signs of hair loss consistent with 'traction alopecia.' This type of hair loss, also referred to as 'scarring alopecia,' happens when the follicles are physically damaged - such as from the excessive pulling and strain caused by wearing hair extensions.

Of course, as a doctor who hasn't personally examined her, this is all speculation, but the photos are compelling. 

Traction alopecia is a permanent form of hair loss that results from physical damage to the follicles. Wearing hair extensions, braids, tight pony tails, or certain types of hair styles in which the hair is pulled back tightly towards the vertex of the scalp, can damage the follicles, resulting in this type of balding. Women who suffer from trichotillomania are also at high risk for traction alopecia - in fact, I treated one woman a few years ago who'd lost all of her eyelashes as a result of compulsive pulling.

Other celebrities have been noted to suffer from traction alopecia as well, most notably Naomi Campbell.

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