Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Joey Essex's $1.65 Million Hair?

Photo by PR Photos

Believe it or not, many Hollywood celebrities insure their body parts for hundred of thousands of dollars, and in some cases millions. This little known practice actually goes back decades, and today's stars now insure everything from their legs (Heidi Klum for $2 million) to breasts (Holly Madison for $1 million). Here's a list of 20 celebrities who've allegedly done it.  

Now, UK reality star Joey Essex is following in their footsteps, but this time, he's not ensuring his legs, hands or face - he's taking out a $1.65 million policy from Lloyd's of London on his ... hair!

While many people may be surprised to learn that celebrities are able to insure any body part for millions of dollars, it's even less common to do this for your hair. But there is a certain logic to it. After all, Essex just signed a six-figure contract with Tesco last year to promote the D'Reem Hair product line. Should some unforeseen disaster happen to his hair, that contract could be jeopardized. 

He's not the first prominent figure to take out a policy on his hair though. In 2010, Head & Shoulders took out a $1 million policy (also through Lloyd's of London) to protect their investment in the iconic mane of the Pittsburgh Steelers' star safety Troy Polamalu.

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