Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The All-Star Cast of 'Fury' is Fighting More Than Nazis

The World War II action film 'Fury' premieres this Friday, but its all-star male cast is fighting more than Nazis - they also appear to be winning the fight against hair loss! Stars Brad Pitt (50), Michael Pena (38) and Jon Bernthal (38) all have relatively strong, healthy hairlines given their respective ages, which leaves us to wonder, have they been using proactive treatments? 

Pitt, in particular, has a remarkably thick, full hairline for a man his age.

Photo by PR Photos

At 38, both Pena and Bernthal also show strong hairlines (photos by PR Photos):

Ironically, of the film's leading men, the one whose hairline draws the most concern is 28-year old Shia LaBoeuf. With expanding temporal point recession and weakness in the center of his hairline, he might be at risk for more rapid thinning down the line. This is better illustrated in Georges Biard's photo here.

Photo by PR Photos

The risk of male-pattern hair loss increases proportional to age, but so far these Hollywood stars are winning the battle.

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