Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is Bradley Cooper's Hairline Receding?

Photo by PR Photos

Bradley Cooper is one of America's hottest actors these days, with Academy Award nominations for Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, and a highly anticipated new film, American Sniper, on January 16th. While the future for Cooper seems limitless, there are signs age may be catching up with him a bit.

The 39-year old has a great head of hair, but over the past year has shown signs of recession in the temporal points. As a general rule, men have a 40% chance of male pattern hair loss in their 40s, so now would be the time for the Hollywood star to begin proactive treatments. It was rumored earlier this year that Cooper had already begun taking Propecia - if that's true, it's an appropriate step for him to take. However, the active ingredient in Propecia (finasteride) doesn't work in all men. Hopefully, Cooper is seeing a board-certified hair restoration physician who has used genetic testing to make sure his body will respond to finasteride treatments. However, he should also consider utilizing a multi-therapy approach (such as Formula 82M, Viviscal Pro and low level laser therapy) to produce the best results.

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