Friday, December 19, 2014

Is Hair Loss the One Thing LeBron James Can't Control?

Photo by PR Photos

The Cleveland Sun Times recently took an interesting and humorous look back at the ever changing hairline of LeBron James - from the full and thick 'do he had as a teenager to today's recessionary struggle. South Florida basketball fans might find some comfort in this article: "LeBron's Hair: A Tale of Heartbreak."

LeBron has been battling hair loss for years, which is most easily seen in the temporal point recession that has emerged in unguarded photos like this one and this one. Much of the time, he appears in public either covering his hairline with a hat or sweatband, or else the hairline appears miraculously full. More than likely the latter is due to a camouflaging agent having been used to conceal the recession for public events.

Even USA Today got into the act, asking if LeBron had undergone hair transplant surgery. However, I take issue with the paper's use of the derogatory term 'plugs' - plugs are what you got in a 1980s hair transplant, not with today's cutting-edge treatments, particularly NeoGraft FUE.

Hair loss is obviously a concern for King James, but it's clearly not beyond his ability to fix. Overall, his recession is quite manageable - all he needs to do is visit a board-certified hair restoration physician. There are a number of advanced medical treatments he can turn to which have been proven effective at restoring a full, 100% natural-looking hairline. From NeoGraft FUE to Propecia and Formula 82M, the King has options. Hopefully he'll start using them.

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