Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jude Law's Mysterious Hairline

Photo by PR Photos

Is Jude Law undergoing treatment to stop his hair loss?

The 42-year old actor's hairline has been in the spotlight for a number of years now, due to his highly noticeable temporal point recession which began while he was quite young, but what's interesting is that the hair loss, which is quite extensive in the frontal part of the hairline, doesn't appear to exist at the vertex. Most male pattern hair loss cases follow a typical pattern, as diagrammed by the Norwood Classification Chart. Once a patient sees this type of deep recession in the temporal region, it often progresses further and includes baldness in the vertex. In Jude's case, however, the recession stops at the temporal points, doesn't seem to progress beyond that. 

It's possible Jude might be undergoing a treatment like Propecia to keep the hair he has, or he's using concealers to hide thinning which is occurring elsewhere.

Jude stars in a new movie out tomorrow, called "Black Sea."

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