Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Liam Neeson's Non-Stop Hair

Photo by PR Photos

The latest installment in the hit 'Taken' franchise hits theaters this week, and it's amazing that at the age of 62, Liam Neeson is probably a bigger action star on the big screen than he's ever been. But even more amazing is how well his hair line is holding up with age. 

By the age of 60, few men have a full and healthy hair line without some help. Every celebrity is different in how they choose to address the problem - John Travolta has reportedly used wigs, LeBron James has his headband, and some stars, like Jeremy Piven, have been seen with noticeable scarring likely caused by outdated hair transplant procedures. In the case of Mr. Neeson, it's clear he's been doing something to keep the recession at bay (possibly finasteride, minoxidil - maybe even a well-done micro-surgical hair transplant) - and it's working quite well. Compared with other stars the same age, his hair is holding up remarkably well.

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