Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is Matt Lauer's Hair Loss Recoverable?

Photo by PR Photos

Today's show Matt Lauer is the face millions of Americans wake up to every morning - but for years, he's allowed his hairline to recede. But is it too late to fix it?

Obviously, at this stage, it wouldn't be possible to create a youthful hairline, but with the right treatment approach, Lauer could see significant improvement in the coverage of his crown. With a combination of NeoGraft FUE and other therapies such as PRP, Formula 82M and Propecia, the 57-year old NBC anchor could achieve a fuller look with his hairline.

Lauer has often joked about his baldness over the years, and he seems quite comfortable with it. However, for those men who are concerned about losing their hair, it's important to remember that early intervention is the key to getting the best results. At the same time, however, men should never give up on their hair. Even at a more advanced stage, it is possible to achieve positive results with hair restoration.

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