Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Aging of a Hair Line - Matt Dillon Edition

On May 14th, former 80s star Matt Dillon will have one of the most important premieres of his 30-plus year career, when the new TV series "Wayward Pines" airs on FOX. 

While there's plenty to talk about with Dillon, his unusual career choices, his ambitions for the future (and speaking of which, there's a great piece on Dillon in The Telegraph), this is a hair blog - so let's dive into it!

Here's a great side-by-side that shows the aging of Dillon's hairline over the last 10 years:

It's easy to see that the 51-year old actor's hair has noticeably aged over the last decade, with deep recession in the temporal points and across the hairline. While the actor's hair is still rather good for his age, he could certainly benefit from an advanced suit of treatments to boost what he has - and prevent any further losses. Treatments like Formula 82M, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and a minor FUE hair transplant could do wonders for his hairline.

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