Monday, October 12, 2015

Is Matt Damon Treating His Hair Loss?

Matt Damon's new movie, "The Martian," is currently out in theaters - but in the actor's recent publicity stills, one thing that stands out is the increased density of his hair line.

Photos taken of Damon back in 2012 showed obvious signs of thinning in the frontal hair line:

Matt Damon in 2012 (Photo by PR Photos)

At that time, Damon was 42 years old, and hair loss tends to speed up during a man's 40s, not slow down. Three years later, this hair loss, which is highly noticeable in the above photo, should be considerably worse - but recent photos show this is anything but the case. Instead, this thinning appears to have been stalled and slightly reversed:

Damon, September 2015 (Photo by PR Photos)

Damon, January 2015 (Photo by PR Photos)

So how did Damon's hair line thicken? It may be due to hair restoration treatment, such as a finasteride or minoxidil based therapy, or platetlet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Treatments like Formula 82M, FinPlus, PRP and nutritionals such as Viviscal Pro and Amino-Mar or effective ways to reduce/reverse thinning and boost the vitality of the hair follicles.

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