Friday, November 6, 2015

Howard Stern: Does He Wear a Wig? - RadarOnline

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When it comes to celebrity hair, there are few people more controversial than Howard Stern. While America's favorite shock jock has long asserted his hair is real, people are still skeptical.

RadarOnline decided to take an in-depth look at Howard's hair, to try and answer the burning question of whether or not he wears a wig. When they asked for my input on the matter, I was able to offer an interesting perspective as I had the opportunity to interview on Howard's show last year to discuss beard transplants, celebrity scruff, and other topics, including briefly, Howard's famous locks.  

You can listen to the full interview, here. You'll hear how the interview, and Howard, changes tone after I bring up his hair. 

While an argument can certainly be made that his hair doesn't necessarily match up with his age, having never treated him, I can't say for sure if it is his hair or not. But if it is his hair, my guess would be that he has been using some type of preventative treatment, like FDA-approved Propecia, for years. An occasional dose of low-level therapy might also do wonders for keeping his curly tresses healthy. 

You can read the full RadarOnline story, here

For now, it looks like the wig debate continues, but in my experience, hair doesn't look that good without some type of medical assistance. 

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