Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is Stress Causing Kris Jenner to Lose Her Hair?

Photo by PR Photos

Kris Jenner was recently photographed with noticeably thinning hair - could it be the stress of her very public divorce and family issues are finally taking their toll on her? 

While it may come as a shock, recent studies suggest that divorce can be a trigger for hair loss in women. The research found that, genetics aside, marital status is the next strongest predictor of hair loss in women. The good news is, if  she is experiencing stress-related hair loss, the thinning will most likely not be permanent. However if there are other lifestyle factors behind her hair loss, such as over-styling, chemicals, or even plastic surgery, she will need to adjust her behaviors if she wants to save her hair from permanent damage. 

She can give her hair a boost with nutritional supplements, and maintaining a diet filled with healthy hair foods. Laser therapy can also be an effective way to stimulate growth.

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