Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Bryan Cranston Recession-Proof?

Photo by PR Photos

Bryan Cranston may not be favored to win this year's Oscar, but he is winning the fight against hair loss. An almost 60-year old Cranston continues to keep his remarkably full hairline. You can see some recession in the temporal region, but it is minimal, and he doesn't appear to have thinning anywhere else.

 As most people know, the hair loss risk increases with age. But, specifically, at his age, Cranston is defying a nearly 60-percent chance of hair loss! So how does he do it? 

Good genes? Maybe. 

But it's probably more likely that Cranston has taken a proactive approach in protecting his hairline, and probably uses some type of preventative treatment. 

Will it last forever? Not without medical intervention. Hair loss today is a treatable condition but proactive treatment and early detection are key to achieving optimal results!

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