Friday, March 18, 2016

Is Superman Balding?

Photo by PR Photos

We may have to wait another week to see if Superman defeats Batman in the new Dawn of Justice movie, but one battle we know he isn't winning, is the one with his receding hairline. 

In photos from his current promotional tour, you can see that Henry Cavill, 32, is experiencing quite a bit of recession in the temporal region. Considering he is part of a widely successful film franchise, it is probably time for him to consider some proactive measures, to ensure his recession doesn't continue. 

While he may seem young to be seeing hair loss, it isn't uncommon, in fact, 30% of men in the their 30s will experience some degree of hair loss, and that risk increases as you age. 

Cavill could benefit from a hair regimen of FDA-approved Propecia, or Rogaine, which could help him avoid further recession. He would hardly be the first actor to take action against hair loss, more are investing in hair restoration than ever before. New technology and non-invasive procedures are selling points for many actors looking to enhance their looks discreetly with little downtown and recovery.

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